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A DAY WITH THE ANG MOHS =D [July 6th, 2008 / 1:10pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

food distribution to the old folks at redhill as usual.
then we brought some 40 old folks to Sembawang Naval Base for a carnival.
its to celebrate US Independence Day, so i dunno why the old folks were invited haha.
they weren't exactly enjoying themselves prolly cos it was all ANG MOHS (erhem markers) and all the games etc.

anyhow, i think i enjoyed myself more than them HAHA.

i felt like a kid there, playing their games PLUS playing with the kids!

i really like some of the photos my fren took of the kids,
unlike me who cant take photos for nuts!

of cos, there's fireworks to end it all!

i realised something, my posts are filled with pictures only nowadays.
my camera has become so impt, yet i dropped it ytd! ):

work ended, now im back to feeling LAZY AND UNHEALTHY.


AFTER SIX WHOLE MONTHS. [July 4th, 2008 / 8:05pm]
[ mood | loved ]

just when i wished work would end soon,
it didnt feel exactly happy today.

many thanks for the lunch treat ytd at cicada from my department,
the dinner treat ytd at sushi teh from joyce and jane,
my lunch treat today from april and the CS pple,
and the necklace from nelma jane joyce tracy (:

i like my table at work, big and spacious for a messy person like me. haha.

my department: joyce, yda, jane, sheila, me (from left to right)

my favourite kaki: joyce and jane (:

my bosses: nelma, ming gim (director),jessica, uncle chris!

other mei nus: irine, april, ing wee, tracy, vince (oops!)

lunch at cicada...
i must say uncle chris is sooo cute!

dinner at sushi teh...
we had a real good laugh that night!

lunch at IMM swensons...
i feel SUPER fat now! i need some yoga!

ah loads of photos, i think i almost took photos with everyone in the company.
i just realised, many pple need to comb their hair for a photo with me! HAHA.
i really must thank the people for being so nice to me, there goes my six months of holidays!

now its time to RELAXXXXXXXXXXXx, i need some toning seriously.
yoga, hill climbing, running, swimming and of cos drama watching and mj!
big6, stayover next coming friday alrights! =D


BANGKOK! [June 30th, 2008 / 8:06pm]
[ mood | happy ]

woohooo im finally back from bangkok!

i stayed at marriott courtyard, which was pretty new and nice.
nice bed (with 5 pillows i dunno for wad), cool toilet, plus very nice pple (:

four solid days of shopping non stop was madness.
such long hours (and i mean more than 12!!) of shopping could seriously kill!
but of cos, i came back with a luggage of new clothes =D

didnt have time for photos while shopping,
but the pic below was PART of my stuff only.
its crazy, even my fren thinks im scary when shopping!

hoho i came across this while shopping at mbk,
i cant help but take a pic of it!
WHATS YOUR SHAPE?!?! i think cranberries would be funny.

of cos, food was CHEAP there.
we had the famous steamboat restaurant for bout SGD10 per person?!
seriously damn fufilling. yummy yummy!

but the best was this pretty restaurant at central.
nice soup, pasta and soda PLUS the best surroundings you can get.

woo the best was the tuk tuk.
yes the streets are seriously gross and polluted,
but when the jam is that bad, a tuktuk totally OWNS.
it takes any kinda route, whether against the traffic or the pedestrian crossing.
whatever it is, it zooms to your place DAMN FAST.
a super thrilling experience i must say.

all in all, bangkok isnt exactly a pretty place to be in.
but sometimes, a few days away from home can be refreshing.
of cos, a nice hotel to go along brightens up my trip (:
i'll go back for shopping definitely, if tops still remains at 5SGD each! =D


yipeeeeeeeeeeee. [June 23rd, 2008 / 10:49am]
[ mood | excited ]

GOSH i think i got a fish bone stuck in my throat.
i was hallucinating for the past 2 days bout the fish bone already.
all thanks to my buffet at paris, which i shant complain since its a BUFFET.

all i can think of now, is to finish my FTT tomorrow.
and then BKK on wednesday! =DDDDD


big6 picnic! [June 5th, 2008 / 8:17pm]
[ mood | content ]

finally i've successfully resized my photos. (including my intimidating sushi photo! thanks dudu)
today was the best day in so many months for me.
i got up pretty early too but i was looking forward to botanical gardens!

food was kinda lacking in variety, but seriously filling enough.
dudu's raspberry breakfast bars, jean's spaghetti and sotong balls, plus strawberries and juices.
it was nice having our second picnic again!

the rain came after we finished our food, so we headed for the nearest pavilion.
and thats where we started our camwhoring. (not alot actually, cos there were other pple there!)

hwee totally looks hilarious with the plastic over her head.
i swear all the people ard were staring and laughing!

shopping after that, or more like EATING again.
we had mango dessert at far east, then ice blended at starbucks wisma.
yes yes, it was a nice day spent with big6 (:


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